Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scarlett's Curtains

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If I have to choose just one single story that I utterly love, that would be Gone With The Wind. It’s a shame that nowadays they don’t make movies or write books with stories like that one.

Yes, I have to confess the old-senile lady in me yearns those kick-ass heroines like Scarlett O’hara who had to face real freaking hard situations in life… I mean, for real!... not like The Hunger Games or this girl falling in love with this vampire sort of thing. 

Anyways… sorry, I know most of you love that, it’s just that I don’t get it girl. If you think you have 99 problems, please let this old lady reminds you that Gone With The Wind has at least 300 pages, or if you prefer the movie, well, that’s almost 4 hours. 

But who cares about problems, Scarlett was fabulous! hell yeah!. She knew perfectly what she wanted and no matter how miserable she could feel sometimes, she would never be plain and ordinary. I could give you tons of examples but for obvious reasons I’m going to talk about one in particular: the part where she had to ask Rhett for a money loan, embarrassing enough for a woman but… nevermind… she needed it to save Tara. He was in jail so she had to go there which isn’t anybody’s favorite place to go for a walk but what the hell, sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do… 

The problem was… she didn’t have a decent outfit to see her crush! THE HORROR!!!! 
Scarlett wasn’t precisely a ninja at sewing. Before the war started, she was just a young spoiled girl who had never put a button on a dress… and embroidery?? c’mon!!! 

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Despite of this, she decided to solve the problem in the ‘Scarlett’ fascinating way: taking her velvet curtains and making a stunning dress out of them.

The authentic refashion that made history in the movies, by the way...  
Top that Katniss!

And if you think that was easy, just think what would you do if your super awesome dress gets burned with the iron just one hour before your date with the man of your dreams, and you only have nice curtains in your apartment! Lucky you that this blog exists to save you! 

I wish I could see more stories of brave women who demonstrate they’re not what they have but what they’re capable of doing with whatever life gives them. Women that face real challenges in the only way they can: being fabulous women… don’t you think? 

So, back to the refashions… do you remember any refashion that saved the day? wanna share it?

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