Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Snake-y Shirt

I bought this shirt back in 2006 when I was still single, young and beautiful... and didn't have that muffin top you see in the picture. I found it on sale (my favorite word!) when I was still living in Bogotá, Colombia. Not only the price was attractive but also the cross over style with the V-neck... kinda liked it back then.

It came with me when I moved to Canada and now, 8 years after I bought it I didn't feel like getting rid of it because... you know, it's part of the very few souvenirs I keep from my beloved country. It also has been always a good companion of adventures, the color is still in good condition and I still love some nice features like the print in the back... so I decided to take my needles, threads and scisors to start the resucitation of this old gal who joined me in so many parties and hangovers in my good old days.
The shirt is 90% cotton and 10% elastane. As you can see in the pic, it had two loooonnnng ropes? that I could tie up in my right side so the shirt doesn't open and leave my bbbeauties out there for the guys visual pleasure... It did look good on me 8 years ago, before the cake, the ice cream and the pregnancy started to build up my new body shape. But now, I felt that those to ropes -that look more like two snakes- were wrapping up and sophocating me until death!

So the first thing I did was trying it on once more to stablish the new siluete that made me look better. I secured two anchor points with two hand-sewed stitches. The first one was the V-nec vertex and the second one was placed in the right side of my hips. Here, I put two quick stitches to avoid leaving a long trace that could be interpreted as a surgery scar caused by a sword or appendicitis.

Now that I secured the interior layer of the shirt, I proceeded to secure the exterior. I put the shirt on a table and following the hem that was already there, I hand-sewed the fabric against the interior layer to close it. This way, the shirt won't open again.

Once the shirt was all closed, I could finally cut the snakes for good!!! what a relief!!!

I left a ruffly ending when cutting the exterior snake and then I remembered I bought some silvery decorative studs at Walmart that worked well as a cute finishing.

The girl in the back got earings as well!

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