Monday, December 1, 2014

What makes thrifty clothes a new option for your closet?

My husband is one of those who thinks that second-hand clothes are just... ew!. And I don't blame him. Last year I bought a sweater in a thrifty store for our Ugly Sweater Party with some not-nice consequences.

Yes, it's that one in the picture.

After the party and one month later I had to go to the doctor because I had a reaction in my skin. Nothing serious and I'm not even sure if it was because of the sweater but... I still got rid of it.

Things like that turn people away from recycling old clothes. Everybody has the image of the dirty rags with fleas and dandruff. But if you have ever donated clothes to charity, you know that's not true... -because you're not dirty and don't have fleas and dandruff, right?

I'm trying to encourage textile recycling, and by recycling I mean, not only donating clothes instead of throwing them in the garbage bin but also refashioning, re-purposing and re-using them. Why? well, here are some reasons among others I have:

1. If you're concerned about dirt, germs and bugs in used clothes, consider starting a close friendship with dr baking soda and mr vinegar. Seriously, just toss the rags in a pail with hot water, add baking soda and make some bubbles with mr Vinegar. Then put them in the washer and if you're extra picky, the dryer will do the rest. If any bug can survive that killing cocktail... girl, the guy it's a nature prodigy!

2. Clothes not always are worn after they've been purchased. I've found pretty good deals during the Spring season yard / garage sales. If you're lucky enough you can find brand new clothes even with the tags on. Who said BINGO?

3. Fashion itself it's about recycling old trends.... and there's nothing better than using originals instead of faking them. Nowadays, it seems that Vintage is the new Black.... I have seen the word Vintage here, Vintage there, Vintage everywhere!!!

4. Refashioning can activate your creative-self. It's well known that crafting and doing manual work can activate the brain and yarayarayara... scientific mumbo jumbo that's actually true.

5. There's actually too much clothes in the world. Even if we all think that our closet will never be complete, the truth is, the fashion industry has flooded the world with too many pieces of clothing, leaving behind considerable amounts of pollution, and, in some cases, social issues like slavery and child labor. So, recycling can be our own way to ask the fashion industry for sustainable eco-friendly solutions.

6. Clothes recycling can save you some bucks. Just be honest. We all want to go to Paris, the city of Lights and the Fashion Capital of the world. Refahioning clothes it's a good way to start filling your piggy bank without sacrificing your closet.

And the last, but not less important thing:

Who cares where  your clothes come from as long as you are -and look- fabulous!!

Got more ideas? bring them on! Still not convinced? tell us why in the comments box!

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