Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Blue Fish Dress

I never thought I would laugh so hard in my life at a dress. One can find funny hideous things in the second-hand store but... a fish? oh my God! A dress that make you this happy for $2 is definitely something you need in your closet.

I didn't quite understand what the designer was thinking when making this dress. This is too small and not so flattering for a plus size but enormous and shapeless for a petite. Even for somebody with the "standard" measures... it was just awkward.

I spent quite a while in the fitting room figuring out how to put this on me. The dress had too much hanging fabric... spandex to be exact, which made me wonder: who in his/her insane mind wants this much hanging spandex ? the point of this type of fabric is to be tight on you, show off curves or at least make you feel fresh and comfortable. If you want a dress hanging on you to fall nicely on your figure you use chiffon or crêpe or silk... not spandex!

Fashion Designers: this is why you need to actually know about fabrics and cuts!

And don't even make me start with the fins and the neckline... please don't!. The only good thing about this dress was the color, so I put myself to work as soon as I could.

The obvious first step was cutting off the fins and some length. Then adjusted the silhouette and finished the hem.

At this point I had a nice simple summer dress, with a fresher and better look. The only additional think I had to adjust was the neckline, it was to wide and open for my so I sewed some centimeters in each shoulder.

Tried on again and looked just fine. Just fine... just plain fine [sigh]
Let's add some drama please! And mr spandex... you're supposed to... expand, right? So I pull a pinch of fabric from the front, a little bit from the back and sewed together to the right side so I could do some ruffles.

Finished the ruffles with some nice gold studs. You know me, I love decorating my clothes.

And that was my fishy refashion tale!. I know I'm not a mermaid but at least, I kept my human shape with this dress.

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