Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring 2015 has sprung!

Finally! It was a harsh winter in the Maritimes this year... as you can see. Shoveling the snow kept me quite busy, no time to show off the pieces I had been preparing during January and February.

But now, snow is melting away with the rising temperatures so... I threw away the shovel and came back to the computer to update the blog, and I'm proud to start with this nice long skirt...

It was originally a dress with an 'empire waist'. I didn't quite like que shape of the top so I decided to cut it off. Then I cut more fabric... and more fabric... because you know, I'm a mini person, hobbit size.... and this dress was soooooo long that I bet it belonged to Galadriel, the Cate Blanchett Elf in The Lord of The Rings.

When I finally got the right measures for me, I made the low hem with the same Cut-Iron-Sew method I talked about in a previous post.

I did the same for the upper portion to shape the waistline but in this case I left a small openning to insert an elastic band previously cut according to my waist measures. I used a pin to get the elastic through the 'tunnel' and once it reached the openning again, I sewed the ends together and sealed the small openning with some more stitches.

I couldn't wait any longer to wear it... It was a really, really long winter!

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